Sound Sculpture By Zimoun

In collaboration with Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia

NOV 6, 2016 - NOV 30, 2016

Special Project Space

The well-known sound artist, Zimoun transforms everyday materials, devices and objects, invisibly present around us, into aesthetic environments, defining the space, sound and atmosphere of the beholder’s experience.

Zimoun’s process is one of the engineer, architect, craftsman, researcher, arranger, conductor and his studio is somewhere in between a scientific lab and the workshop. Self-taught and obsessed with the simplicity of things, movements and sound, he stubbornly opposes the presence of new media and technology, reminding us of the capacity of the artist to transform our perception of the surrounding world. His mission, ideology and idea is discreetly summarized in the titles of each piece.

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Sounds Reasons is an initiative for sound art and experimental electronic music curated by Indian artist Ish Shehrawat and supported by Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council.

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