Learning at the Museum

The Museum offers a rich selection of learning and outreach programmes focused on providing stimulating, participatory experiences that respond to different age, interest and language groups, and recognize a diversity of backgrounds. These experiences are aimed at encouraging critical engagement with Mumbai’s history, and artistic and cultural developments.

What’s On

Online Activity | Paper Birds

Jan 09, 2022
11 am - 12 pm

Join us for a fun activity this Sunday as we learn how to make origami birds step by step. Inspired by the ongoing exhibition ‘Birds of India: Company Paintings c. 1800 to 1835'. Presented by Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum in collaboration with DAG.

Age: 5 - 10 years
Language: English
Material required: origami paper / coloured sheets, coloured pens and pencils.
Charges: Free
Session will be via Zoom. Limited spots available.

Science Session | Life and Landscapes

Jan 13, 2021
11 am - 12 pm

Humans have significantly altered natural ecosystems all around the world as their ability to control their environment for various uses has evolved in parallel with the agricultural, industrial, and green revolutions. Join us as we gain a deeper understanding of various ecosystems and learn how dominant species in these ecosystems use landscapes to survive.

The session is curated by Dr. A.P. Jayaraman, founder of the STEAM Academy and delivered by Abhishek Arekar.

Age: Grade 7 - 9
Language: English | Charges: Free
Session will be via Zoom. Limited spots available.

Online Workshop | SoundScapes

Jan 15, 2022
10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Join us with your family for a workshop with Sound Space and learn to create sounds using claps, taps, and objects available at home. The workshop is inspired by our latest exhibition ‘New Found Lands: The Indian Landscape from Empire to Freedom’! Explore the paintings virtually with us and describe the emotion and composition of the landscapes using ragas.

The Sound Space is Kamakshi and Vishala Khurana’s labor of love deeply rooted in their musical childhood. With formal training in Indian music and psychology, this power duo today, is deconstructing the complexities of Indian music and using it to offer an enhanced life to children and adults alike.

Age: 9 years and above
Language: English
Session will be via Zoom. Limited spots available.

Read with Me! | Have You Ever Climbed a Tree?

Jan 15, 2022
4 - 5 pm

With Author Priyadarshini Gogoi
Conceptualised by Shinibali Mitra Saigal

Join writer Priyadarshini Gogoi as she reads from her delightful book, Have you Ever Climbed a Tree? She will share with you the very best way to swing to the top and take you on an arm-chair tree walk across India, trekking through deserts, snow, scrub and water.

Priyadarshini Gogoi is a writer and poet from Assam. She is the author of four picture books, with a couple more in the pipeline. Several children have told her that she’s cool. Sometimes she writes as @shinogogo.

Read with Me is conceptualised by Shinibali Mitra Saigal, senior editor at Pratham books, India's largest non-profit children’s publishing house. Previously, Shinibali was co-founder and curator of Kahani Karnival, a Festival of Stories, and a journalist and childrens’ editor for many years.

Age: 5 years +
Fee: Free
Session will be via Zoom

Storytelling Session

In collaboration with Goshtarang
Performed by Mahendra Walunj

Jan 22, 2022
11 am - 12 pm

A cow named Kapila is keen to learn everything - how to climb trees, ride a bicycle, play on a swing, or build a treehouse - and asks her friend, a crow, to help her! How does a crow help a cow?! To find out, join us online for an interactive storytelling session and read along with us!

'Goshtarang' is an innovative project by QUEST where they use 'theatre', as a part of a reading and writing enhancement program. Trained theatre professionals perform stories based on children's literature.

Age: 6 - 14
Language: Marathi | Free
Session will be via Zoom. Limited slots.

Online Workshop | Contemporary Landscapes

In collaboration with Goshtarang
with artist Pratap Morey

Sat, Jan 22, 2022
4:00 - 6:30 PM

Artist and urban chronicler Pratap Morey asks you to reimagine landscapes in art today in a new workshop inspired by our latest exhibition, New Found Lands: The Indian Landscape from Empire to Freedom. The workshop will include an exploration of works in the exhibition, followed by a presentation of Pratap's work and practice. Participants will then work with the artist to conceptualise, make and share their own unique landscape paintings.

The exhibition is curated by Dr. Giles Tillotson and presented by Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum in collaboration with DAG

Pratap Morey has a post-graduate diploma in Indian Aesthetics from Mumbai University and a degree in Fine Art from Vasai Vikasini College of Visual Arts. Pratap's solo exhibitions include Concrete Ciphers, TARQ, Mumbai (2019); Lost Right Angle, Space Gachang, Deagu, South Korea (2017) and measure | decipher, TARQ, Mumbai (2015). He is the recipient of the Bendre-Husain-Scholarship, India (2013) and the La Critique award at Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, France (2012).

Age: 18+ years
Charges: Rs. 100
Session will be via Zoom. Limited spots available.
A list of simple art materials will be shared with those who register.

Online Storytelling Session | Sandpipers

In collaboration with Kathanika

Sunday, Jan 30, 2022
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Let’s meet the sandpipers
And see what they say
Are they happy, rejoicing, and having a good day?

As they look for small fish
At the edge of the sea
Let’s talk to them, observe them
And learn to draw them,..Shall we?

Inspired by the ongoing exhibition ‘Birds of India: Company Paintings c. 1800 to 1835'. Presented by Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum in collaboration with DAG.

Conducted by Dr. Sherline Pimenta K, a researcher, experience curator and Master Storyteller at Kathanika. Her interests include narrative studies, experience design, communication design, and visual language. Sherline has a Master in Communication Design and a Ph.D. in Storytelling from IIT Bombay.

Age: 6 to 12 years | Charges: Free
Required materials: drawing paper, pencil and colours

Session will be via Zoom. Limited spots available.

While you stay at home, BDL Museum helps you creatively engage with a vast selection of artworks from our collections and exhibitions. We are running interactive games and stories that reveal interesting historical facts as well as ideas about contemporary art at the Museum!

Tuesday Talks

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Treasure Hunt Tuesdays

Solve riddles inspired by the Museum's permanent collection!

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Flashback Fridays

Join us as we explore our past exhibitions and discuss their continuing relevance.
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Sunday Sketches

The Museum's collection showcases innovations in design and motifs that were in vogue in the late 19th - early 20th century. Create your own objects inspired by the designs you see in our collection!

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Colouring Sheets

Established in 1857, the Dr Bhau Daji Lad is the oldest Museum in Mumbai. It is a treasure house of decorative & industrial art objects. The richly designed interiors of the Museum include the encaustic Minton tiles, imported for the Museum in the late 19th century. These patterns, found on the Grand Staircase & the Mumbai Gallery, are a treat for our visitors and are an important part of the city's history.

Colour in the sheets using your chosen medium and send us your pictures of your completed drawing via email or by tagging us @bdlmuseum on social media platforms!

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Playlists on Spotify

BDL Museum is now on Spotify. Tune into our new, curated playlists!


Tune into our curated playlist inspired by the BDL Museum's collection of Ragamala miniature paintings! The Ragamalas in the Museum’s collection are from the Jaipur school of miniatures. Ragamala, meaning 'garland of ragas', is a set of miniature paintings that depict personified ragas of Indian classical music. A raga is a melodic framework in Indian classical music with symbolic associations such as seasons, time, and mood. It is meant to evoke certain emotions among the listeners. Ragas also provide room for improvisation to musicians and singers. The playlist features some of the most celebrated artists in Indian classical music. It begins with spirited morning ragas, progressing into soulful evening ragas.

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Tune into our new playlist dedicated to the city of dreams - Mumbai. From 'Yeh Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan' to 'Gully Boy', the playlist tries to capture the essence of the city. The playlist features songs of various musical styles that developed against the backdrop of the city, ranging from classic Bhendi Bazaar Gharana that developed in the city in the 1890s to contemporary Bollywood music. The songs selected for the playlist draw inspiration from the city and its people.

Disclaimer: The playlist is strictly for non-commercial and entertainment use and in accordance with Spotify Brand Account.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Piece-by-piece, make a Masterpiece!

How long does it take you to solve this jigsaw puzzle?

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