T. V. Santhosh

History Lab and the Elegy of Visceral Incantations

Presented by the Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum

In collaboration with The Guild

Dec 14, 2023 – Feb 11, 2024
Special Projects Space, Museum Plaza

“History is riddled with stories of conflicts and war which are almost like an endless chain of actions and reactions, a perplexing dynamic that often exposes the darker side of humanity. And when you shift attention from history to very current global events, it is the news media, to a large extent, which defines the nature of our relationship with the outside world. News reports act as our extended vision of the world that eventually becomes a part of our everyday experiences, entering our home through a television screen or through other forms of news reportage. Thus conflict and violence become part of our everyday familiarity.” – T. V. Santhosh

The exhibition features Santhosh's recent works as well as artworks from the past several years, offering an exploration of society and history, particularly the pathology of war and violence, as well as the mediatic interventions influencing our perception and reality. The works, comprising watercolors, canvases, and sculptural installations, chart the semiotics of political discourse as a part of visual culture and art practice, a dialogue that has long held the artist’s attention.

Born in Kerala, T.V. Santhosh obtained his B.F.A in Sculpture from Santiniketan and a Masters in Sculpture from MS University, Vadodara. Santhosh’s works have been shown widely in museums and biennales.

Exhibition walkthroughs are conducted every Saturday and Sunday at 11: 30 am to 12:30 pm (English) and 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm (Hindi/Marathi).

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