Italian Palimpsest

A selection of 12 artworks from the Collezione Farnesina

In collaboration with the Italian Embassy Cultural Centre

MAR 30 - APR 30, 2019

Special Project Space

The Farnesina Collection (Collezione Farnesina), a collection of Italian contemporary art of the Ministry of External Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy, was established in the year 2000, following the initiative of the then Secretary General, Ambassador Umberto Vattani to include contemporary art in its cultural policy.

Beginning with the first significant set of acquisitions of numerous works of art from the 1950s and 1960s, in the course of time, the collection has grown to become one of the largest of contemporary Italian art in the world.

The exhibition will display artworks from the last 40 years, spanning movements such as Futurism, Metaphysical art, Avant-garde, Surrealism, Spatialism, Minimalism and Figurative art. The collection includes contemporary painting, photography, collage and prints.

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This initiative is the first of this kind, as this is the first time that the Collezione Farnesina is displayed in Mumbai. It is meant to present the best of Italian contemporary art as well as being a means to further enhance Indo-Italian relations.

About the Italian Embassy Cultural Centre in Mumbai
The Italian Embassy Cultural Centre (ICC) in Mumbai is part of a worldwide network of 83 Offices of the Ministry of External Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy, set all over the world. The ICC in Mumbai is located in the Kanchanjunga Building. It actively promotes the Italian language, culture and heritage through an articulated series of events, ranging from music to figurative arts, and from science to literature.
The Italian Embassy Cultural Centre facilitates interactions between Italian and Indian artists and cultural entities in order to nurture a rich cultural exchange and amalgamation between the two countries. ICC makes a point in collaborating as much as possible with local cultural and academic institutions. In fact we strongly believe that cooperation is paramount to promote our cultural bilateral relations. We try to keep our events free and open to the public. We are proud to say that, with few exceptions, our events are for everyone.

Free activity | Explore Italian Contemporary Art

Sunday, 7 April 2019,       11 am to 2 pm

Explore the Museum's new exhibition 'Italian Palimpsest: A selection of 12 artworks from the Collezione Farnesina’. The artworks on display span the last 40 years and art movements such as futurism, metaphysical, avant-garde, surrealism, spatialism, minimalism, and figurative art. Explore the wide range of art practices, and make your own artwork inspired by the exhibition!

Charges: Free. Museum entry ticket applicable. Materials provided.
Age group: Open to all above the age of 8.

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