In collaboration with CIMA Gallery

MAY 3, 2016 - MAY 24, 2016

Special Project Space

The exhibition brings together expressions of five artists from Bengal selected by CIMA gallery, whose works are resonant of their concerns with the idea of the urban in present day India from a postmodern context.

In this exhibition of five artists, the exploration of the idea of postmodern in the

context of present day India, both urban and ‘becoming’ urban is shown. The participating artists are: Shreyasi Chaterjee, Sumitro Basak, Sangita Maity, Kingshuk Sarkar and Pitambar Khan.

  Press Release

The Delhi Crafts Council has taken up the challenge of reviving this near extinct art. A core collection selected rumals from various museums across the country and abroad has been recreated by artisans from Chamba.

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