Untitled (Cobweb/Crossings)
Reena Kallat
Painted sculptural installation in FRP and metal

Reena Kallat’s Untitled (Cobweb/Crossings) is an over-sized web formed with hundreds of rubber-stamps, each one bearing the colonial name of the city street that, in present day Mumbai, has been replaced by an indigenous name. By recovering the memory of one aspect of the process of decolonization - the renaming of anglicised British street names with Indian or regional ones - it forms a palimpest on to which generations re-inscribe stories. The work is comprised of resin rubber stamps, steel rope, steel hooks and measured approximately 45 ft. in height and 60 ft. in width.

Untitled (Cobweb/Crossings) was part of the collaborative project ZegnaArt Public/India, between the Ermenogildo Zegna Group and the Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum, the installation  was commissioned for the Museum and unveiled to the public in March 2013.