POI/Bharat ke Log
Archana Hande 
  Video, sound, clay, plaster models, mosquito net

POI/Bharat ke Log by artist Archana Hande is a multi-media installation that consists of a printed mosquito net measuring 12ft in height, 2 videos of 45 minutes and 5 minutes each and 1 audio file. Hande uses the idea of a mosquito net – a British import now used ubiquitously in India – as the protective layer which encloses the ephemeral images of the hundreds of types of people which she has sourced both from the Museum’s collection as well as her own. Hande creates a topography of images both contemporary and historic that emerge like ghosts and disappear in a shroud that is actually a mosquito net, ephemera from the past seeking to inhabit a tangible form in the here and now. Using video, assemblage, popular imagery and sounds to create an immersive experience the artist asks the viewer to reflect on who we are and how we have come to see ourselves.

POI/Bharat ke Log by Archana Hande was commissioned for the Museum in 2014 and opened to the public in October 2014.